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Bobbi Storm

Bobbi Storm

detroit, mi



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XCLUSIVE: We finally got the opportunity to catch up with the lovely and talented Bobbi Storm! Thank you so much for taking time out to interview with us.
VYSE: You’re very welcome! Thank you for wanting to interview me!

Tell us a little about you and how you got started in the music industry?
Well, I like to say Detroit raised me and New York made me! I really think I was born into singing in particular because no one else in my family can. God just said, “hey you this is what you’re going to do!” I first got introduced to the industry with female groups. In the past couple of years when I realized it’s not up to me, but what God wants; that’s when I started a solo career.

You are the queen of hustle! You’re everywhere on social media (literally) What made you start singing on flights?
Well thank you! I try to be everywhere so as many people in the world can see me and hear my voice. The plane, train, restaurant pop-up singing thing comes from a feeling. The first time I did it I believe my grandfather in heaven pushed me to do it, and from there it just became an addiction. I couldn’t be in a room with people and not sing! When I saw how much I was inspiring people and the feedback I was receiving; it confirmed that I’m gonna go down in history for doing this…

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