Don’t Wait For Nobody! Pt 2

Don't Wait For Nobody! Part 2

Yoooo, What’s Poppin my People! It’s ya boi Tyler Hotep and welcome back to and my blog “Movements Of A Still Mind”. Today I wanted to continue from where I left off in an earlier blog post about setting up your own tour. There’s many resources available for independent artist to get there music out today. One of the things you need to think about as an independent artist is your avenues of distribution. While nothing beats a good ol fashioned street team and physically going out and pushing your music and your merch in the street. You have to maintain an online presence. 
Everybody streams there music through online streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Napster and my personal favorite TIDAL. You have to get your music on to these sites where HipHop consumers are consistently looking for and streaming music that is like yours! There are many services out there for artists to get there greatness to multiple platforms at once like CD Baby and Tunecore who will get you on TIDAL, Spotify, and iTunes to name a few. But if you wanted my personal favorite, I’d have to say it would be DistroKid.
Hands down I feel with DistroKid you get all the distribution lanes and perks as the other platforms and maybe more. But you just can’t beat the cost of DistroKid at 20 bucks a year, plus you get to upload as many projects as you want. The services site is also extra simple to navigate which is an added bonus for a dude like me. Now go and get your music out there for me and the world to hear and keep growing that fanbase! Don’t Wait For Nobody! I hope this helps someone out there. Peace and Safe Journeys. 
Until then… Don’t Wait For Nobody and keep it pushin’!
Tyler Hotep
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