Don’t Wait For Nobody

Don't Wait For Nobody

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night! I’m the one named Tyler Hotep and welcome back to my blog in Today I want to take a minute to write about a

relatively cheap way to help you as an independent artist get your name out, and if ya hustle game is right, put some dollars in your pocket to invest back into your grind.

I got a call from my dawg the other day, a young producer, asking, “How do I go about getting myself or my artist on some of these tours.”  First let me say, paying for some of these larger shows and tours can be very helpful on the networking and exposure side of it all if you have a budget. A lot of these shows are well promoted for you to get plenty of exposure, as well as expose you to people who are into HipHop enough to spend money on going to a shows. That’s who you want, fans that will support you by buying and streaming your music.

Now, I’ve always felt that for the artist who don’t have that insane budget; that’s doing their own tour is the best way to get your name out. You can’t sit around and wait for somebody to invite you on a tour. You have to find open mics, clubs and parties and put together your own tour. Book 5-10 of these free events (some may cost 20-50 bucks). Make your own flyers and posters and market the shows you’ve scheduled as your own tour. Some of these shows even give you free tickets that you can sell and keep the money. Your biggest overhead is going to be your travel, which if you hustle right you can recoup the money spent by selling CDs and merchandise to get off some of those free tickets.

Name your tour and give those who come out to see you something to remember with your merchandise. This is how you engage with your audience and get them to come out to another event that you’re on, or maybe to another venue on your self-made tour! When venues see that you have a crowd coming out to their spots eventually you can negotiate a deal for part of the door, but that’s for a later blog!

Thanks for checking me out! Until… There!

– Tyler Hotep

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