Music Feature

Freegame Vain

Shreveport, la



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XCLUSIVE: Thanks for taking time out to interview with us. What’s been going on with you these days?
FREEGAME VAIN: No problem, anytime. I appreciate y’all for effin with me! Mayne, I’ve been working harder than ever networking, grounding myself and focusing on my brand.

Let’s jump right into this interview; What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?
When I first moved to Texas. Growing up wanting to be a professional drummer had a lot to do with my start. When my homeboys would rap I used to make the beats for them. When I was sixteen, I met this dude who had a studio and it’s been up from there.

We got a chance to see you perform live in Dallas, TX and you were lit; jumping on tables and all. How do you prepare for such an energetic show?
You don’t! (Laughs) I mean of course practice make perfect right? Nah, seriously though that came from watching MTV wanting to be a rock star jumping in the crowd and s*** you know. Y’all remember the Cash Money concerts right? Between that and the first time I saw Eminem perform live it was just natural to go have fun mayne!

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