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Ktwon Fame

dallas, tx



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XCLUSIVE: Shout out to Sharokee for grindin in these streets. She posted
one of your tracks on my wall, and I must say you are very talented!

KTWON FAME: Thank you.

Give our readers a little background on you?
I’m from Bastrop, LA but I moved to Dallas, TX when I was twelve. My mama felt like we would have more opportunities in Dallas, but Bastrop is my home. It’s crazy really, I didn’t take rapping seriously at first. I started rapping at 18, but I really couldn’t stay consistent. I was more focused on feeding my family and rapping wasn’t paying the bills, but I stuck with it and now it’s starting to pay off.

What hip hop albums did you grow up listening to?
Nelly Ville and Ludacris Disturbing The Peace…

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