Music Feature

Lawless Fulton

Ft. Lauderdale, FL



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XCLUSIVE: What’s good with you fam?
Lawless: Nothing much just staying busy and focused.

You grind so hard man we can’t do nothing but respect your that!
I appreciate that, and I respect y’all hustle and grind as well. It is such a pleasure to be interviewed by Xclusive Magazine again.

Give our readers a little background on you as an artist, your music and how you got started in this industry.
Music has always played a part in my life, it helped shaped me into the man/artist I am today. I started as a fan who loved freestyling with my brother, Razor, my cousin, Todd, and a few friends as just a hobby then one-day I wrote a verse that made everyone around me say you got to take this serious and from that moment Lawless The Underground Messiah was born.

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