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Ransom Reigns

Ransom Reigns

Houston, TX



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XCLUSIVE: We finally got the chance to catch up with the one and only Ransom Reigns. What’s been going on with you these days.
Ransom Reigns: For the last couple of months I’ve been on the road promoting my latest single, “Never Back Down” and marketing my brand.

We know that you’re an Artist, songwriter, music producer and composer. How do you find balance, with neglecting something?
It can be a challenge sometimes to stay focused during the creative process, but I just stick to my formula. My sound is centered on big banging beats, so once I have the music set the way I want it; I get back to the songwriting.

For our readers, tell us a little about yourself?
I graduated from Full Sail University with a music degree in recording arts. I also studied business marketing and business management at another college, which gave me the tools to run and build my own company, “Popular Uprising, which is my production company/record label…

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