Music Feature

Ree Boutit

Gary, In



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XCLUSIVE: First let me start off by saying I love your confidence! To have the opportunity to meet you before your show, and hear you say you were going to win and actually win; I applaud you!
REE BOUTIT: Thank you, I’m very delighted to hear that! I live by the motto of say less and do more so, when I was asked if I’d win I answered with a simple yes. I knew my actions would and had to speak louder than the conversation we had.

You already know your performance was lit! What was your “Rage On The Stage” experience like?
The experience was actually surprising. Due to it being my first time at the venue I didn’t know what to expect. I’m far from pessimistic, but as an upcoming artist disappointment is inevitable. “Rage” was organized and each artist had talent. Them having judges made it even better. The win was great to add to my resume, but earning respect and new attention was the biggest win for me!

Give us a little background on you and how you got started.
I’m from Gary, Indiana, and grew up in East Chicago (The Harbor.) I wrote my first song in the Fourth grade. It was titled “Boogey Man.” It was remix to Lil Wayne’s “Fire Man.” First time I recorded in a studio I was thirteen. I really wasn’t pushing my music because my top focus was school and sports.

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