Cyrex The MC

Cyrex the MC!!

Great being able to catch up with you! I know you are super busy lately! Go ahead and tell the people who you are!

I’m Cyrex. I’m a hip hop MC, songwriter, & performer from Miami, Florida. I’m 26 years old, and I’m delighted to have this chat with you.

I performed with you once in Miami! You had a live band which I feel is so Dope! Your Lyrical Content though is what drew me to you! What made you want to pursue a career in HipHop and take it so seriously?

I appreciate that! Hip hop is a genre that kinda clicked for me in waves. When I first got into it, it immediately captivated me. I soon saw rap as a way to express myself, and as I immersed myself more in learning about & connecting with the music & the culture, I came to realize that this is what I always wanted for myself. I’ve always wanted to entertain people with music. And hip hop is the perfect music for me to express & entertain.

What or who inspires you to create?
Lots of things inspire me. Things the happen in my life, how I feel, how I deal, trying to find clever ways to communicate my emotions so the listener can relate in their way. As for who? Jay-Z, Biggie, DOOM, and a little bit of Diplomats & Bone Thugs had a big influence on the foundation of my style coming up. Further along, I started to take notes from Earl Sweatshirt, Black Hippy, Danny Brown, Slaughterhouse, artists who you can tell are having fun with the craft and can still make catchy stuff.

What is in your playlist?
My playlist is crazy. There’s so much variety it almost seems random. I got some of the more lyrical hip hop, some catchier rap, some salsa & merengue cause my Dominican self can’t stay away from it, little bit of experimental & jazz, some teen pop, pop punk, a lot of these are songs that came around when I was growing up and that I just dug.

What is a typical day like in your world!? In today’s super personal world of Social Media, the people out there would love to know what you do in your spare time?  

A typical day in my world isn’t exactly the greatest social media fodder. I usually work my day job, work on music (be it writing or practicing), try to get in contact with fans or promoters to get promo & shows, chat with my girlfriend pretty much all day, and eat some good food. I’m also no stranger to the brews. I promise, if I were to write a song about this, it’d all sound much less mundane.

Which one of your tracks is your favorite and why? 

It’s so hard to pick favorites. But one of my favorites is RECKLESS. It’s such a perfect mix of lyrical and catchy, it’s so much fun to perform, and it’s a very special & powerful hook that I put in there.

In the near future, you can expect the sequel to my first mixtape. Also an album on the horizon. Doing lots more shows, and tryna tour again. Expanding the brand, making business moves. As far as further out. I can see it. Within 5 years, I will be among the dominant forces in hip hop music and culture. We’re making classics out here. When my run really gets going, the people are gonna feel it, literally.

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