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Solo TX

dallas, tx



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Born and raised in Ennis,TX. SoloTX is the eldest of her mother’s six children. She attended Ennis High School. Her junior year she was approached by her classmate and friend Jason Orr also know as Mr. Unique, with an opportunity that would change her life forever. This opportunity sparked a new found love for Rap music.

XCLUSIVE: What’s good with you Solo TX?
SOLO TX: Nothing much just tryna stay consistent on this journey to the top.

For our readers that are just learning of you give them some background on how you got started?
Well I got my start back when I was about sixteen. At the time it was just a hobby; something I sat around and did with my homeboys, but within these last couple of years I’ve decided to make it my career.

Man, It’s been a long time coming; we’ve been following you for a minute. Are you working on any new music right now?
First off thank u guys so much for following me man! I recently dropped my debut album Bacc Again so, I’m I’ve been busy promoting and putting a heavy push on that.

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