Suzie Soprano

Suzie Soprano

Interview by Tyler Hotep

Tyler Hotep: Finally getting to catch up with the super lyrical, Suzie Soprano! I know you’re super busy being picked up by Trina’s Rockstarr Music Group lets get into this interview and tell the readers who is Suzie Wit Da Uzi?
I’m a rapper, singer and songwriter; I’m a real bitch and I love to smoke. (laughs)

Being such a dope hiphop artist, what’s some of the music you listened to coming up, and who really inspired you to create? 
Between my mom being a big fan of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, my dad playing a lot of Snoop Dogg and MJ, and my brother being a big Tupac and Jay-Z fan I would say everybody who was hot in the 90s.

Where are you from and when did you start developing your unique style and approach to HipHop?

I was born in Chicago but I was raised in Detroit. My mom moved us to Atlanta when I was 11 and then we moved to Florida. My style developed from me being myself really. I always just kinda naturally stood apart from what the normal female artist or female period should look like.

Should we expect something new from you soon?

I can’t reveal that yet. I can say I’ve been focusing more on being a songwriter and chilling out on the artist side lately. 

What’s in your playlist right now? 

I listen to a lot of Caribbean/Afrobeat vibes so, a lot of Koffee, Davido, Wiz Kid, type vibes. As far as hiphop; I like Lil Keed a lot. Kodak always! Pretty much everybody gets a listen from me if their music is good. To be honest it’s too many to name for me at the moment! (laughs)

From your catalogue do you have a personal favorite?

Wow, it’s always hard for me to answer this question. I have my feelings about each record individually, but I can’t really put a finger on which one is my favorite. I can definitely tell you which one I had the most fun recording tho! (laughs) 

This music industry is extra grimey, what’s keeps you ten toes down and still grinding?

The fact that I have a family to feed. To be honest the music industry isn’t gonna’ f*** you over any worse than life already does. (laughs) When you have the passion for what you’re doing, you just have to take it with a grain of salt. 

What types of things don’t you like and what do you do when you’re just in Suzie Mode?

Ahhh, so many things I don’t like. I mean my biggest thing is I like my space more than anything on those days so the smallest things will aggravate me. (laughs) I don’t even know why, but if you’re ever around me right before a performance or appearance, please just let me be. (laughs) Moment of randomness…

What is your favorite food and drink?
I eat everything! (laughs) I went to school for culinary for a little bit, so it opened my palate to a lot of different foods. I love different cultures so I’m always trying their food. (laughs) As far as my favorite drink. I try not to drink soda. I love water, I think it’s the best thing God ever made, but I also have a love for Canada Dry. (laughs) that’s the only ginger ale I’ll drink!

What else can we expect from you in the near future?

You can definitely expect to hear records that were written by me on the charts!

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 yr?
Happy, taking care of my mama and them, loving God and still smoking!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
Keep God first, love yourself, love those around you, stay on your hustle, and keep your head up and your bread up!

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