Music Feature

Ten Militia

Kansas City, KS



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XCLUSIVE: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to interview with us today.
TEN MILITIA: You’re welcome! Thank you for the opportunity.

Every now and then we catch Tri Coastal Radio’s “Rush It Or Flush It Show;” It’s actually one of our favorite podcasts for hip hop artist. Have you ever been flushed?
I haven’t been flushed completely, but I think one person did dislike one of the instrumentals I used on a track I sent in. Never an over all flush though. (laughs)

What’s the “Rush It Or Flush It” experience like?
It’s big for me because it gives the artist a chance to see what their music sounds like from a fans perspective. The feed back from the host is also a big look; Shout out Big Rip and The Love Haters.

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