The Tyler Hotep’s Quarterly Recap

The Tyler Hotep's Quarterly Recap

Interview by Tyler Hotep

Yo, yo, yo, yooo, it’s your brother from a far off other, Tyler Hotep, and I’m in ya E.Y.E again like Visine! How is everybody doing today!? I hope all our readers here at the Xclusive Magazine are experiencing bliss in every part of there human experience as they read this today! Now before we get into this exciting quarterly independent hip hop recap! Have you been #DrinkingWater??? Yeah this a #DrinkWater check! If you haven’t, go get you some right now! I’ll wait… Ok, now that brings me to my first topic from the previous months of movements within our culture! In the last year we saw the untimely death of the Great Nipsey Hussle, (Rest In Paradise) a true legend who will be sorely missed in our community! With his passing came questions of what would happen to a documentary he had started working on bringing awareness to a world famous natural healing doctor, the late Dr. Sebi, who taught the importance of our diet in healing all diseases and keeping the body clean of sickness in his lectures. He received world recognition when he won a case against the FDA who sued him over claims of curing hundreds of patients from every disease including AIDS. The good news came when the project was picked up by Superstar HipHop Artist and Business Icon Nick Cannon. In the beginning of the transfer was that Nick Cannon was planning on scrapping the project amid rumors of death threats. But Mr. Cannon has since confirmed the project will continue! #TheMarathonContinues
This has been an exciting quarter for Independent HipHop! The radio now being dominated by a host of Indies like YBN Cordae who surprised the game as “The SoundCloud Rapper with two Grammy nominations” and has since inked a deal with Atlantic. Another dope project blessed the world and made waves for Independent artists everywhere when Chance The Rapper dropped his debut album “The Big Day” which debuted at number two on the billboard charts. Killing radio with his new single “Hot Shower” featuring MadeinTyo & DaBaby. DaBaby who also rose to stardom through his own independent efforts signed with Interscope and is still making major waves with his release “Kirk”. The independent game has grown tremendously in the past year with many large Indies signing distribution deals to get the backing for there indie projects and still retaining indie status by keeping ownership all there work.
This quarter also saw Sean “Diddy”Combs bring his Revolt Summit to Los Angeles. This event, engineered to bridge the generational gaps in Hip Hop and provide a forum for open discussion on coming together to uplift the black community, was full of jewels from tons of the Hip Hop Industries elite playmakers. Panels focused on specific aspects of navigating through the Hip Hop industry as an independent artist. Live discussions between industry legends like T.I., Jeezy, Killer Mike, Master P, Fat Joe & Snoop Dogg gave independent artists a chance to receive direct game on navigating the music industry. Even getting to interact with a panel of some of the games biggest A&R’s where they broke down step by step how to present your music as an indie to get a deal and what they were specifically looking for. 
All in all its been an amazing quarter for independent Hip Hop! Don’t forget The Xclusive Magazine has been nominated for an “SEA Award” so make sure go vote at! 
Until Next Issue!
Tyler Hotep
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