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overtown, fl



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XCLUSIVE: You are a very busy guy, which is a good thing! How’s life going these days?
YD: Life is amazing! Now that I’m a father to my beautiful 1-year-old daughter; everyday is an experience.

For our readers and potential fans, give us a little background on you and your movement as an artist?
I’m from Overtown, which is one of the most notorious neighborhoods in America. I’ve been doing music and writing poetry nearly all my life.

We got the opportunity to download your new album. “Gods Gift” and it’s really good. We have a couple of favorites on there! How did your come up with the concept of this this project?
Actually the concept of the album comes from my spiritual belief that there is a God. After being incarcerated, being shot several times and seeing close friends lose their lives to senseless violence I realized that I have a purpose, and I’m blessed with an opportunity to live and tell my story to the world…

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